By answering 15 quick questions, you can help raise funds for Fabry advocacy organizations. A survey is being conducted about Fabry disease and mental health. Please know that your answers will remain anonymous. For each survey response, Chiesi Global Rare Diseases will make a $15 donation with up to $6,000 to be equally distributed to the National Fabry Disease Foundation, Fabry Support
Information Group, and the Canadian Fabry Association.
Mental health can be affected by living with a rare, genetic disease like Fabry. The purpose of this survey is only to learn from those individuals who understand this best – people with a diagnosis of Fabry and their family members. Your participation matters and will contribute to our collective understanding of this important issue. We hope that the results from this survey will help inform the Fabry community and healthcare professionals. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete and, again, your identity will remain unknown and not associated with your responses.

To complete the survey, click the link below:
Lastly, check out this published story of Isabella who talks about Fabry disease and mental health. She said “You can do it. You’ve done harder things. You deserve this.” Take a look at her video here:

Take good care.

Donna Strauss

Vice President
Canadian Fabry Association
“Be Rare. Be YOU.”
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