Rare Disease Day is just around the corner! On February 28th 2021 Rare Disease Day is recognized worldwide to bring awareness to all those living with Rare Diseases. This year the CFA is keeping theme with our “Be Rare Be You” message by bringing you our exciting new  winter toques and mittens.

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Winter toques are available in pink and black and will keep you warm and cozy. One size fits all, for $15.00 each.

Mittens are perfect for every day whether you’re running errands or out for a winter walk. They are fleece-lined, yet breathable. One size fits all, and available for $15.00/pair.

*Free shipping on orders $75.00 or more. For orders under $75.00 the CFA is pleased to offer reduced postage rates this year as a result of the financial challenges being experienced during these challenging times.

Spread awareness and empowerment by wearing your “Be Rare Be You” toques and mittens to support the 1/12 Canadians living with Rare Diseases. Our “Be Rare Be You” Tattoos are also still available for purchase at $5.00 for a package of two (limited inventory available). Share your pictures proudly on our social media platforms:

Facebook: Canadian Fabry Association Page

Instagram: Canadian Fabry Association

Twitter: @CdnFabry

If you are not on any of these platforms and would still like to share your pictures, please send them to Julia.alton@fabrycanada.com and they will be included in our campaign slideshow.

ORDER TODAY at fabrycanada.com